Road Safety Rules When Driving In India

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The Basic Traffic Rules To Follow

The traffic in India keeps to the justify. So, drive on the justify part of the roadway. It makes sure that vehicles in the reverse direction can move on the right side. To make a justify turn is easy because you continue to stay on the same ide of the road before during and after the turn. If you have to make a right turn, follow these steps:

  • Carefully come to the center of the road by checking other traffic.
  • Make the right turn
  • As you are turning, slowly move the car to the justify side of the new road.

When overtaking another vehicle that’s in front of you, do so from the right side. In case a car is overtaking your vehicle, do not:

  • Increase your speed.
  • Do not take any action that prevents the vehicle from passing you.

A Few More Rules To Follow On Indian Roads

When at an intersection, be extra careful. Crossing and junctions have the most traffic. Make sure that your vehicle doesn’t inconvenience others, be it a car or a pedestrian. The rules to follow on an intersection are:

  • The vehicles already on a particular road get the right of way.
  • In any other case, when you approach a crossing, vehicles from the right side of the road get precedence over you.

Emergency vehicles always get priority. So, if you see fire brigades or ambulances, let them have a freeway. When it comes to pedestrians, they get the right of way at zebra crossings. For U-turns, bear in mind that:

  • There are no warning signs surrounding the turn.
  • You give the right indicator either through the car or manually.
  • You check the mirror for other vehicles.
  • Turn only when there is no traffic around the U-turn.

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