Contribution of Transport Facilities in the Economic Development of a Country

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The socio-economic circumstances lead to the growth of the different kinds of transportation systems of a country. Earlier, the developmental policies and economic strategies of the nation focused mainly on physical capital. In recent times, the Indian economy is trying to make positive changes by improving the issues associated with physical and human capital requirements. 

Transport – an essential component for the development

An efficient transport system facilitates the physical movement of goods and individuals from one place to another. Also, a well-organized transport facility is necessary for every business entity as it helps in assembling raw materials and bringing them to the manufacturing location. There is no doubt that without transportation, developments in trade and commerce would not have been possible.

An adequate transport facility is capable of broadening the worldwide market for selling goods. With better transportation, you can move fuel, raw materials, and equipment to the manufacturing locations. It also connects remote regions to the developed areas and has a positive impact on the lifestyles of people. With the growing importance of transport facilities, industries that manufacture locomotives, motor vehicles and ships tend to gain prominence in the global market.

Different modes of transport 

Transportation has also helped in eliminating distance barriers between countries. The various modes of transport include road transport, rail transport, air transport, and water transport. The road transport is the ancient mode that enables door-to-door delivery of goods and services. It is beneficial to cover short distances. 

It requires fewer overheads, and the cost of maintenance of road facilities is low when compared to the other means of transport. On the contrary, air, water, and rail facilities help in transporting bulk materials to different locations. Hence, it is fair to say that transport is an essential component for economic development as it helps in strengthening the infrastructural base of a country. 

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