Teaching Students The Importance Of Seat Belts

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Importance of Wearing a SeatBelt

Recent studies have stated that many injuries caused due to a traffic accident could have been avoided by wearing a seatbelt. Safety rules while driving need to be adhered to avoid any serious injuries. With traffic accidents happening every single day, it is up to the passengers of the vehicle to start taking better care of their safety. Many countries began realizing the importance of seatbelts in 1968 and started creating laws in order to enforce people to start wearing them. In fact, according to the law in many countries, all vehicles except buses have to be equipped with seat belts. Otherwise, the owner will be fined heavily.

Reason to Wear Seat BeltReasons Why Wearing a Seatbelt is Important

  • Passengers in a moving vehicle who do not wear a seatbelt risk being thrown out of the vehicle in case of a collision or accident. This often results in fatal injuries.
  • Studies show that 44%of front seat passengers and 73% of backseat passengers who wore a seat belt survive a crash with only minor injuries.
  • Recent statistics have shown that over 75% of the deaths caused by road accidents could have been avoided if the victims were wearing their seatbelts according to the law.
  • In most accident cases where the passengers who were not wearing a seatbelt, tend to roll over as they are hurled out of the windows, causing the injuries to become even more serious and result in death in the majority of the cases.

Seat Belt Awareness Campaign Conducted By Competitive Exams Coaching Classes

All children above the age of 12 are required to wear a seatbelt or be seated in a safety seat system that is approved. In fact, car seats cannot be reused if they have passed 8 years of manufacturing date. This rule has been created to ensure that the car seat systems used in vehicles for younger kids are sturdy enough to take the impact of any crash and protect the child on the seat and avoid injuries.

According to recent studies, it is safer for kids below the age of 12 to ride in the rear seats Seat Belt Awareness Campaignusing a child safety seat system. It is crucial to teach students about the importance of wearing safety belts so that they stay safe while riding in vehicles on the road. As high schools students get ready to get their driving licenses, the rule about wearing seat belts and making sure all the passengers in the car are wearing seat belts needs to be emphasized again and again. Teenagers are known to be rash drivers and need to be taught the importance of the seatbelt. According to www.attorneystevelee.com/blog/how-to-increase-teenagers-use-of-seat-belts.cfm, many Competitive Exams Coaching Classes conduct awareness programs for their students to teach them more about safety while driving including the importance of wearing seatbelts. After all, no one can predict precisely when a traffic accident is going to occur. At the end of the day, the students need to realize that their safety lies in their own hands.

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