About Us

buckleup in the back

Part of our lives is spent at home and part of it in the office or school. What few realize is that the majority of it is spent traveling. When you combine just the time spent in a car, bus or any other vehicle to and fro from home to office, it adds up to a massive number of hours.  And that’s not the only traveling we do. We go to the market for chores, we go to restaurants for outings, and we even go vacationing. All of this requires travel. The means of transport may differ, but the end result is the same. 

Even with so much travel being part of our lives, most of us are entirely unaware of the safety measures. Yes, some of us may buckle our seatbelts when driving a car but is that all? How about when your children are traveling alone or when you add car seat for your toddler? When you start considering the many means of transport, the realization comes home. We are grossly uninformed about safety measures.

Buckle Up In The Back was created to solve this issue and fill the gap of knowledge. On this site, any man, woman, or child will find information on topics such as:

  •   Different transportation systems
  •   The safety components of each transportation system
  •   What safety measures to take when traveling
  •   Promoting awareness on safety and transport

We talk about everything under the sun to ensure that every traveler is safe at all times. From why one should always buckle up while sitting at the back to road safety guidelines for children, from teaching people the vitalness of seat belts to what to do after an accident, every issue that is connected to travel and security is covered. 

Buckle Up In the Back has just one objective: to guarantee the wellbeing of all travelers. We hope to achieve it along with you.