Safety Measures To Be Followed For Off-Road Vehicles.

Jeep Rubicon Is Riding Through And Rugged Terrain To The Rocks.

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In the past few years, off-roading in India has increased. With the availability of 4X4 drives like Jeep, more and more people are giving it a try. No special license is required to off-road. All you need to do is step into a Jeep showroom in Chennai and buy a car worthy of roughed terrain. But there are some considerations to be taken.

Off-roading can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know the necessary safety measures. Here are three of them that are must-follow.

Jeep Showroom In Chennai Says Keep The Tire Pressure Right

The right tire pressure ensures that there is better traction while off-roading in gravelly or sandy terrain. Keep the pressure around 18 to 20 psi for most of your four-wheeling adventures. If you are going on a highway, then the pressure will differ. Typically, it has to be between 28 to 35 psi. The precise tire pressure will depend upon the size of the tire and the weight of the fully-loaded vehicle. Also, always read the manufacturers label to make certain that you don’t exceed the recommended tire pressures.

Drive Straight Down To Prevent Roll Over

When you are off-roading in a steep terrain like hills, here are some tips to keep in mind for safety:

  • Be aware of the tyre to bumper distance.
  • Know that angle of approach and departures.
  • Keep the speed slow so that the tyres remain on the track.
  • Drive straight down a hill. When you drive diagonally, you increase the chances of a rollover.

Prevent an Off Road Vehicle From Rolling Back On A Hill Step

From Here – – you can go throught about the off-road roleovers and its prevention.

If your Jeep is sliding sideways, it means you are at risk of a rollover. Stop immediately. If a rollover is imminent, then turn the Jeep into the slide and drive straight down.

If you are unsure of the trail, a better idea is to scout the road on foot before you take your Jeep on it. Make sure there is an actual trail beyond the present obstacle. You don’t want to drive down a bottomless quagmire and be lost.

Off-Road Within Your Ability, Always.

One last piece of advice by the best Jeep showroom in Chennai to keep you safe while off-roading is to drive within your capability. Don’t rush into unknown terrains. Take your time. It will allow you the time to react to any obstacle or hindrance the trail throws your way like small moving rocks and logs.

Moreover, if your Jeep doesn’t have sufficient ground clearance, slow speed will make sure that your vehicle is not damaged. If you move over a rock or jutting obstacle too fast, it will hit the underside of your Jeep and knock a hole!

Keep these tips in mind when off-roading and both you and your Jeep will remain safe even in the most challenging terrains.

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