The Importance Of Road Safety Guidelines For Children

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Catch them young is the phrase that befits inculcating discipline in young children. This also stands good for teaching road safety to school kids also.

The Importance Of Road Safety
Road safety is a subject of importance that every child should know and grow up with. The dangers on the road impacts everyone and hence is a vital topic of discussion everywhere. Every year roach crashes leads to death and injury among youngsters. The risk is even higher in children as they reach their teens when they are given independence. Young drivers are also at great risk. Traffic is a major concern for pedestrians and cyclists. People embracing healthier lifestyle have started to walk or use the bicycle while travelling short distance. It makes them socially and physically active.

Guidelines To Teach Road Safety For Children
Young people within the age group of 2 to 18 years have to be given activities and lessons on road safety. This awareness can be created through run-in assemblies or along with subject lessons in English, Drama, Maths or Science.

  • There are some sensitive issues to consider before you start on road safety. In the process they could be witness to road crash or be hurt. Check with their guardians whether they need to be excluded from the activities while discussing injury or death.
  • Classroom teaching has a better effect when it comes to creating awareness among students. It would be best to create a classroom simulation, practical training on roadside experience and indulging in safe practices while creating awareness among children among road safety.
  • Despite giving awareness in the classroom, practical exposure can help absorb the concepts better. Call upon road safety officers to run a campaign on practical pedestrian and cycling training. During the process, the children will be given exposure to emergency services and first aid.
  • Seek the sponsorship of local company for funding your road safety activity. They can provide with volunteers for supervision. This can be done by displaying banners or posters on road safety.
  • Link your school programme with road safety events. Merging with a national programme can give access to free packs and other resources.
  • Road safety programmes in a school go to prove that the school cares for its pupils’ safety.
  • Accidents involving young drivers are a menace. Therefore awareness on the roads is an important subject for teenagers.
  • Let parents be part of the package. Children imitate the activities of the parents, if they are bad at road safety, then it would affect their offspring. The best idea would be to involve parents and make them part of the awareness campaign. Encourage them to drive safely and follow all the traffic rules. This can be positively reinforced at home. The same can be followed for the teachers.

Points To Ponder
The importance of using the right language while teaching road safety is vital. Communication is a powerful tool. Irrespective of age, children need to be taught about the impacts of road safety. Engaging them in an interactive session can help them learn quick and better. While teaching young students it is best to avoid terms like road accidents, crashes, deaths and injuries. Using terms like tragedies instead of accidents could be given as a suitable alternative. However, it is important to be honest and frank on the seriousness of road safety and the tragic consequences, especially when it comes to educating older students. For senior students, especially those on the verge of applying for their driver’s license, you need not shy away from deaths and injuries that happen on the road. This will give them a fair warning of the effects of reckless behaviour on the roads.

Let’s Make Our Roads Safe- Unique Campaigns By The Best Event Planners In The City

Nowadays, road safety awareness campaigns are being conducted across the city where the authorities distribute pamphlets and other resources to create awareness among the motorist. One such event held in the city, which was planned and organized by one of the best event planner Kiyoh – Chennai, was a huge hit amongst the masses, as even a few celebrities were roped in to reinforce the message. The pamphlets on road safety that were distributed at the venue was very informative, and contained the following key points:

  • Avoid Drunken Driving
  • Compulsory Wearing Of Helmets
  • Preference To Pedestrians While Crossing The Road
  • Juveniles Should Not Ride Two Wheelers
  • Overloading Of Passenger Vehicles
  • Adhering To Traffic Signals
  • Obeying Traffic Rules

We hope to see more campaigns of this sort happen at regular intervals, giving the chance to save lives that would otherwise be needlessly lost.

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