Safety Tips While Renting A Car

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Travelers prefer rental cars for a host of reasons, one to avoid the unpredictable public transport and the fleecing taxi drivers. But while on a rental car, do you commit the same mistakes that you have cursed other driver for. Things to remember while driving a rental care are listed below. The first point to remember is, the car is unfamiliar and you may take time to understand the features and mechanics. The second point is, it is an unfamiliar terrain and you are not familiar with the surroundings.

Car rental safety tips before renting a car

  • Check for the coverage for rental cars from your insurance company. Also check with credit card travel protection to know more about rental car coverage.
  • For extra car rental coverage add your travel insurance plan
  • See if the road service provider extends coverage to rental cars while in a new location
  • While on travel do not forget to carry a flashlight, it could come handy with you pick your car at night.
  • Carry a camera with flash

What to do at the rental counter?

  • Ensure you get the best price for the rentals and also get contact information on whom to call during break down or when you lose the keys.
  • Store the number on your phone.
  • Check when the vehicle maintenance was done last. If there is no answer to the question, walk away.

What to do before you start the rental car?

  • Ensure the car is safe and in a good condition. You do not want to be held responsible for someone else’ mistakes, do you? Walk around and take some photos of the panels. The damage marks can be noted down on the paper. Photos will be helpful if the rental agency holds you responsible for the damage.
    The tyres have to be well inflated and there should be no uneven tread wear. This means there is a problem with the tyres.
  • Read the odometer, if it shows more than 25,000 miles it is a senior rental car.
  • Check the trunk for spare tires and see it is in good condition. Also make sure the jack and lug wrench is available.
  • The fluid levels have to be verified. Check for oil, washer fluid and antifreeze.
  • Start the car and leave it on for some time to notice the fuel mark as full. Adjust the temperature controls.
  • Get familiar with the car controls. Know where to find light controls, seat control, window control, windshield wiper control and light signals.
  • Take the car for a spin once you are done with all the verifications. Now drive in the parking lot and look for strange behavior, report if you find any.
  • Take a map or turn on your GPS for better location control.
  • If you have a radio, turn it on and enjoy the ride.

It is vacation time and travel agents are busy booking holiday packages for clients. There is nothing more worth the while than creating awareness for those who are planning on renting a car for their holiday. We consider it best that it comes in liaison with one of those who actually plan the travel. In a joint effort we with had planned an awareness drive for those who take to the roads during the season. It was a grand success with special mentions from which is a huge honor for us.

Nothing beats safety, so, stay safe and buckle up your seat belts the next time you hit the road. Always remember – Better Safe than Sorry!


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