Why you should wear seat belts?

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By wearing a seat belt while riding or driving the vehicle helps to safeguard your life. Remember, it saves you only when you wear properly. It consists of a shoulder belt where it should be worn over the shoulder and not under the arm. It should cozy your body. If you are not wearing the shoulder belt properly, there are chances to face the accident. It can injure internal organs and crush your ribs. The lap belt has to be buckled over your hips and worn nice.  It should not be buckled across your stomach. 

Why you should wear

Except in New Hampshire, seat belt usage is the law in all states. 

It is not mandatory for adults to buckle seat belt only in New Hampshire. Passengers or drivers who are under 18 years do not need to buckle seat belts. 

Protects you from banging 

Seat belt safeguards you from hitting against certain parts of the car like the seat, steering wheel and the door in front.

Does not allow banging of co-passengers 

Seat belts protect passengers and drivers from hitting into each other, which is a cause of severe injury in certain accidents. 

Airbags do not work when you are not wearing the seat belt 

Airbags remain less effective and also have chances to be useless when you have not buckled the seatbelt. There are chances to be thrown out of the vehicle and bang against passengers and cars. Moreover, your body will not be in the status to get protection from the airbag as you have not buckled the seatbelt.

Seatbelt saves your lives 

Seatbelt saves you from serious injuries and mishaps. There are chances of death due to banging the windshield when you have not buckled seatbelt. 

#1 safety device-seatbelt 

It is the top safety device in a vehicle despite new protective measures and technologies developed. 

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