Essential Skills Of User Experience Design

The display of a driverless car showing speed, kilometer and times required to arrive at destination.

User experience design is known as UX design which is a concept that includes disciplines like visual and interaction design, human-computer interaction, and information architecture. UI UX design course in Chennai is available in various reputed institutions through which the students build confidence in users by repeatedly exposing them to intentionally crafted positive interactions. Learn more about the fundamentals to design

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Hassle-Free IT Equipment Relocation: What You Need To Know?

A picture depicting Office relocation displaying a Desktop computer, furniture and cartons

Information technology is often overlooked during construction, remodel, or relocation projects. However, your company’s basic and critical functionalities rely on your hardware, internet, and business applications. It is important to include Information technology (IT) in the planning stages of your new location. It not only helps to reduce stress but also helps save money. Unfortunately, IT requirements are often pushed

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Should School Buses Have Seat Belts To Keep Students Safe?

Children standing in the line and getting into the school bus

Is Seat Belt Necessary In School Buses? Seat belts on school buses are effective, depending on their practicality and advantages and disadvantages. Even though school buses are the safest mode of transportation for school children, 25 million children arrive at their classrooms without wearing their seat belts. Recent incidents of school bus accidents have once again brought this issue to

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