The Precautions To Take While Driving On-Road

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Safety Precautions: Before Leaving For A Road Trip

  • Get a minimum of six hours of sleep the night before a trip. Lack of it increases the chances of fatigue. For the same reason, do not work or participate in an activity the night before.
  • If you are ill or emotionally stressed, do not plan a trip. They cause tiredness too.
  • A road trip must be prepared. It includes route, rest stops, and refueling.
  • Get the car checked for road-worthiness. It includes:
  1. Mirror
  2. Brake
  3. Taillights
  4. Indicators
  5. Stop Lights
  6. Head-Lights
  7. Wiper Blades
  8. Steering Wheel
  9. Exhaust System
  10. Tires And Pressure
  11. Coolant, Oil Or Fuel Leaks
  • The car should have a spare wheel in working condition along with a serviceable jack.
  • Do not store any flammable liquid such as petrol or diesel.

Safety Guidelines: While Traveling On A Road Trip

  • Take a short break every two hours. Fifteen minutes is good enough.
  • Do not eat heavy food while driving as they make you sleepy.
  • A good pair of sunglasses help prevent eye fatigue and sun glare.
  • Never drink any alcohol while driving a car on a road trip.
  • A little bit of fatigue is increased to a lot if the vehicle is very cold or very warm.
  • Try to have a companion on the road trip. It will divide the driving time and give you someone to talk to on long stretches of boredom.
  • When there is no companion, try to listen to music or radio to get rid of sleepiness.
  • From one to five am; the body is in downtime. Do not drive during this phase.
  • Always keep the seatbelt on.
  • Do not go over the speed limit. If it is rainy season and roads are wet, go slow.

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