Road Protection Development

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Accidents while travelling on the road have become prevalent worldwide. Through better awareness campaigns, behavioral change and organized policies, Government establishments and certain missionaries have started collaborating to bring about a positive change to road traffic and safety. According to the report by World Health Organization (WHO), almost the maximum number of people are either badly injured or die due to road accidents of which most range between the ages 15 to 30. Motorcyclists and pedestrians are the maximum ones who loose their life. 

Reasons behind Road Accidents 

According to research conducted it is believed the most defenseless on the road are the ones on two-wheeler s and the ones walking, prone to maximum number of road accidents. The major reasons being low-maintenance roads, not obeying speed limit regulations, drunk and driving cases. Riding a bike without a helmet or driving without wearing a seat belt seems to be the cause of more than 40% of the nation’s accidents.

Modifications in Traffic Regulations 

  1. Road Safety is becoming a primordial factor that requires enough improvements so as to decrease fatal accidents. The initiatives taken to make citizens understand the value of traffic rules and regulations are:
  2. Bring better awareness through educational workshops to the general public, heavy-duty vehicle owners and even taxi drivers so as to support the vehicle safety regulations.
  3. Government should initiate better plan of action to maintain and better road that enhances smooth movement and are also environmentally supportable.
  4. Usage of budget kept aside by the government towards Road maintenance and relaying of roads to avoid bumps and potholes.

Mining Platinum From The Road

The “4 Es” to Road Safety

 It is believed that reduced road accidents are equivalent to capability to measure and lessen the extremity of the situation that leads to road accidents. Thus Education of road rules, Enforcement of traffic laws, Engineering of improved roadways and Emergency Medical and Trauma Services responding stealthily to accidents.

 With the increase in the number of automobiles on the roads all over the world, there are higher chances of people getting into accidents. But the same can be reduced with the Government working hand-in-hand with privatized organizations to bring into action the “4 Es” providing the best level of safety to the people on the road.  

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