Safety Awareness Through His Lens!

Safety Awareness Through His Lens

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Use Of Professional Photography Skills To Avoid Road Accidents

It is evident that there are several road accidents reported in recent years. The main reason for road accidents is the negligence of people and less knowledge about traffic rules. It is also true that the road conditions in India are not good. But safe driving can help to avoid accidents on the road. Bike accidents are common, and the government takes stringent steps to protect people from these accidents. The government insists on wearing helmets for two-wheeler riders and seat belts for four-wheeler riders so that it can reduce the impact of the fall during a road accident.

Several organizations like NGO come up with road safety and awareness campaign. This would help to educate the public about the safety rules. They insist on the do’s don’ts when driving a vehicle on the road. To create awareness among the public a young professional photographer Anand of Wedid photography make use of his photography skills. He has captured several pictures which depict the danger of driving with negligence. His photographs can communicate great things to people. His road safety awareness pictures were featured in top magazines and social media platforms. Here we would talk about how the photography skills of Anand have helped to create road safety awareness.

Image of A Driver Uses Mobile Phone While Driving

Reasons For Road Accidents With Photographs

Here the professional photographer as come up with some photographs that helps to insist on the common reasons for road accidents.

A Simple Act Of Negligence

One of the pictures taken by Anand features a young boy who is riding a bike with a young girl. The girl wears a kurta with a dupatta. The dupatta gets accidentally caught into the tire of the bike, and the girls seem to be in a tragic situation. The dupatta surrounds her neck, and she is pulled towards the tire with great force. This would result in a life-threatening injury. The picture of a girl seen dragging from the bike clearly depicts how a small act of negligence can result in a loss of life.

This is one of the most common reasons for road accidents for a woman. A woman should make sure that the apparels like saree, dupatta, and others do not sway in the air, and it must remain close to their body. Bike riders must make use of saree guard in their wheels. This is a safety accessory that would prevent the dress from getting stuck inside the wheel. Many people do not prefer to install this saree guard as their bike does not look good with it. This is a significant blunder, and you might lose one of your family members due to this. The above photo taken by Anand would indeed be an eye-opener to people, especially women, and this would avoid the act of negligence when they are on the road.

Open The Car Doors With Caution

Open The Car Doors With Caution

There are several acts of people which lead to deadly accidents and significant injuries. Opening the car door without looking at the other side of the door would definitely be a substantial threat to the bike riders. You may accidentally end up in hitting the bike. A recent photograph of Anand clearly depicts how opening the car doors can result in road accidents. In his photo, a car driver who is busy on his mobile is about to open his car door. He opens the door without having a look at the other side of the road and hits a bike driver who loses his balance. It seems to be a simple act, but it would result in a dangerous or life-threatening accident.

Tips To Avoid Accidents

Thus to avoid accidents when opening the car doors, a simple technique can be followed. This technique is called as Dutch Reach technique. According to this technique car, drivers should open the door with the hand which is on the opposite side of the door. This would help to have a look at the other side of the door and make sure that there are no upcoming vehicles and you can open the door without any danger. This is a safety habit that should be practiced by car drivers. This can help to avert accidents. Two-wheeler drivers are insisted on driving away from a parked car as the doors can be opened anytime.Check here about the ways to avoid accidents.

Dutch Reach technique To Avoid Accidents

Anand from wedid photography works as a team in capturing these road awareness photos. His friend poses for the awareness venture. Al his photos are realistic, and it talks thousands of words about the importance of road safety.

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