How seat belts protect the users?

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Seat belt can also be referred to as safety belt. It is a perfect safety harness developed to safeguard the passengers of the vehicle against a dangerous movement which may result due to a sudden stop or collision. It reduces the severity and likelihood of damage in a traffic crash. It is designed to expand till a certain controlled limit to reduce the chances of deceleration of the occupant and absorb crash energy.  

Seat belt care: 5-way protection

Safeguard the passengers of the vehicle: It is definitely a myth that people are safe when they are thrown out of the vehicle during the crash. When they are thrown out they have high chances to be killed than remaining inside. 

Confines the sturdiest body parts: Confines are developed to keep in touch with your body mainly at its sturdiest parts. When it comes to adults and older children, it restrains the shoulders and hips. The seat belts tightly strap those parts and protect the passengers from serious injury. 

2 Kids wearing seat belts sitting in a car

Helps in slowing down the body: Due to fast change in speed, there are high chances to result in injury. Seat belt extends the time it requires and slows down your body at times of crash. 

Safeguards your spinal cord and brain: It is designed to safeguard two critical parts. There are fewer chances for head injuries and spinal injuries. Without seat belts, there can be serious consequences. 

Seatbelt facts

If a single person uses a seat belt in the car, it motivates other passengers also to wear or use seat belts. 

The safety features of the car have been tested and approved while wearing a seat belt. The safety features will not wear without the seat belt. 

A recent survey declared that more than 94% of drivers use seat belts and 93% of adult passengers occupying front seat use seat belts.

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