Transportation System in India: Forms, Significance, and Recent Developments

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Transportation Systems Plays a Vital Role

The growth and development of economies across the world are dependent on their transportation systems. It is used to carry goods and people from one location to another.  Developing an understanding of the different modes of transport will be beneficial in understanding their significance. 

Forms of Transport

  • Road Transport: – In old times, people used their bullock or other animals to travel. Transportation technology developed quickly, and automobiles such as buses, cars, and motorcycles were invented. They reduced the travel time to a substantial extent. 
  • Rail Transport: – The British government started transportation on railroads in India. At present, it is managed by the Indian Railways which is an arm of Ministry of Railways, Central Government. Railways are economical for long distances, and they create minimal pollution.
  • Water Transport: – It is the primary transportation method used for international trade. India is a peninsula, and hence, a substantial portion of India’s national border is surrounded by the water. Water transport is economical because of its high load-carrying capacity.
  • Air Transport: –   India’s aviation sector is one of the fastest developing in the world. In the present era, this method of transport is crucial from an economic point of view. It is the quickest method for long distances. It also strengthens the international defense of countries.

Significance of transport

Industrial development is directly proportional to the quality of transport systems in an economy.  The Indian government is leaving no stone upturned in their pursuit to create one of the best transport infrastructures in the world. The network of Roads and Railways in India among the most extensive in the world. The advent of metro trains for metro cities and other projects such as Bullet Trains have brought India at par with the best in the world. And this is just the beginning. 

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