Tips To Staying Safe When Travelling By Car, Taxi Or Bus

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Bus Safety Rules For You

City dwellers are used to catching a bus, riding a taxi, or taking their car for daily work. It may be to go to the market, school, or office. Ultimately, these practices become routine for them, and therefore, they get comfortable with it. In such circumstances, it is easy to ignore or even forget personal safety. It happens because the mind thinks: ‘I do it every day. Nothing has happened till now. Why will it happen in the future?’

What most forget that all it takes is a second to change the entire course of life. So, always keep your safety as a priority and use the following tips.

  •     For a bus:

Keep the fare of the bus in your hand when boarding. Do not open the purse/ wallet while getting on. It is easy to steal at that moment.

Be alert of the people around you when riding the bus. If you feel uncomfortable next to someone, get up and sit on another seat.

Taxi And Car Safety Rules To Follow

  •     For a taxi:

Once you get into a taxi, look for all the locks. You should know exactly where they are in case of an emergency or panic.

If you are not comfortable with the driver, get down, and choose another cab.

Stop the taxi a few houses away from your home to ensure that the cab driver doesn’t know the exact address.

  •     For a car:

Do not drive very close to the vehicle in front of you.

Always use low-beam headlights when it is dark. High-beams distract other drivers.

Ensure that someone is aware of your travel routine. If you fail to contact them as per schedule, they know to call in help.

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