Road Transport – The Assets and Liabilities

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Being the second largest and the most important form of transportation in a country, it helps in covering all major areas and corners where no other transport can reach. Mostly the agriculturists and industrialists enjoy the facilities provided by road transportation system. Road Transport is the biggest wage-earner as road maintenance work opens provisions for generation of enormous amount of job vacancies. It is researched that roads in India has a carriage rate of 85% in the form of travellers and 70% in the form of Cargo. Though highways only cover 2% of the network, almost 40% of passage happens through them.

 National Highways, State Highways, District roads and Village roads are the 4 main categories under which the road transport can be classified. It is also important to learn in detail about the advantages and disadvantages that are part of Road Transportation system.

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Road Transport – Assets:

  • It is considered, as a reduced Investment as laying Railway tracks is more expensive than laying roads.
  • Helps reach nations every corner, right from all cities to villages thus making it the most beneficial way of travel.
  • Flexibility in movement and services to both passengers and cargo, against railways

Road transport paves the way for more job opportunities implicitly and explicitly.

  • It is the most comfortable form of transport for shorter travel
  • Road transport acts as a complimentary service to railways when passengers take the road to reach the railway station to travel by train.
  • While the government leads Rail transport, Road transport has Government led and private transport systems both working hand-in-hand.
  • The movement of industrial materials from origin to destination is taken care better by road transport rather than Railways where connectivity is an issue.

Road Transport – Liabilities:

  • Frequency of accidents is higher making it an unsafe mode to travel in.
  • Road not being maintained leading to its wear and tear due to change in climate makes it inadequate to travel
  • Heavy tax duty levied on motor vehicles makes it difficult for goods carriage.
  • Operational cost has a major hit due to the high cost of petroleum and diesel.
  • Long distance travel becomes unsuitable for both passengers and for heavy-duty transport goods.

After learning about both advantages and disadvantages of road transport it is understood that it has a major benefit when compared to other transport. Flexibility in provisioning its directions and time according to convenience is its biggest gain.

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