The School Bus Safety Rules Children Must Follow

students in a line before bus

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What To Do While Getting On The Bus?

  • Reach the bus station a few minutes before the bus’s time of arrival.
  • Do not run to catch the bus.
  • Stand a little distance away from the side of the road while waiting.
  • There is a danger zone that surrounds a bus. It is the area where a person is close enough to touch the bus. Never stand in this zone.
  • If you are waiting across the street, then wait for the bus to come to a standstill.  After the stop arm of the bus is evident, the lights are flashing red, and the driver has stopped all traffic, you can cross the street to get on the bus. Do not run across the street, walk. Also, keep an eye on the traffic while crossing.
  • When you are getting on the bus, use the handrail for support.
  • Do not push or shove a person in front of you while boarding the bus.

What To Keep In Mind While On The Bus?

  • After boarding, take a seat immediately. Always sit facing forwards.
  • If you have a bag or parcel in your hand, keep it under the seat or on the lap. Never place it on the aisle. It has to be clear at all times.
  • Do not put your hand, arm, or head outside the bus through the window.
  •  Do not through anything outside the bus. Tossing objects inside the bus is also not allowed.
  • Fighting, shouting, or talking too loudly can distract the bus driver. Therefore, maintain decorum at all times.
  •  If the bus is coming towards a railroad crossing, maintain complete silence.
  •  Do not take any dangerous objects on board the bus.
  •  In case of an emergency, follow the exact evacuation procedure

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