Things To Know About Seat Belts In Cars

Image of a young girl wearing seat belt before start driving

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Image of a young girl wearing seat belt before start driving

Seat belt is a safety accessory that must be used by the driver and others who travel in a car. It helps to avoid serious injury in case of car accidents on the road. It is said that seat belts can also help in preventing your lives caused due to a head-on collision. Nearly thousands of people are saved every year with the use of seat belts in cars. Susee Hyundai and popular dealer of Hyundai cars offer some valuable inputs on the use of seat belts in cars. Here you would know some essential things about seat belts and what you can expect with the use of seat belts.

Reasons Why Wearing a Seat Belt is Important

Seat belt is, of course, a life saver which helps in protecting your life during an accident. It is reported that nearly 75,000 people lives have been saved in the past four years due to the use of seat belts. During the crash, the seat belts keep the driver inside the car and prevent from getting out of the car. This helps to prevent your life from danger.

Use Of Airbags in a CarUse Of Airbags

You may assume that during an emergency, an airbag in the car can help you. But in reality, the airbag works only when the driver wears the seat belt. Seat belts and airbags work in conjunction with one another. Thus always wear a seat belt and do not rely on your airbags.Here you may check out – – working process of airbags.

Wearing The Seat Belts

It is important that you buckle up the seat belts in the right way. This would make you feel comfortable throughout your journey. Make sure that the belt is not placed against your neck and it must come across the middle of your chest. Do not buckle the seat belts under the arm or at the back. The lap belt should be placed just below the stomach.

Check For Right Fit

When purchasing a car, make sure to check for the right fit of the seat belts. You must also check if there are options to adjust the seat belt for the right fit. Right fit is required so that you would feel comfortable during the drive. You can also purchase a seat belt extender if the seat belt does not fit your right. Replace the seat belts of old model vehicles with modern seat safety belts for better safety. Make sure that you purchase a car seat for your children with a perfect fit.

Protects The Life Of Occupants

Make sure that all the occupants of the car are wearing seat belts. Seat belts are not meant only for the person who is operating the car. People who are traveling in the car should also wear seat belts as they are in the risk of injury due to car accidents or collision. Your children should also wear safety seat belts for sure to prevent them from injury.

Seat Belt Protection – How Seat Belts Save Lives ?

Seat Belt offers five-way protection to drivers and people who travel in a car.

  • One of the essential benefits of wearing a seat belt is that the occupant would remain inside the vehicle in spite of the crash. If you’re thrown out of the car during an accident, then there are more chances that your life is in danger.
  • It helps to prevent significant injuries during a crash or accident. Hip and shoulders are the main areas that get injured quickly during a collision. The car Image is loading Practical-Safety-Protection-Baby-Childbelts are strapped on those areas and prevent significant injuries in the hip and shoulders.
  • Seat belts help in spreading out the force caused due to the collision. A seat belt spread the force of the crash over a wide area of your body. Thus it puts less stress on your body, which avoids major and severe injuries. The shoulder strap of the seat belts keeps your head and upper body away from steering, and other parts of your automobile. Thus prevents hitting your body on hard surfaces
  • Seat belts help to slow down speed caused due to the crash. The speed is the main reason for the injury.
  • Seat belts protect from a head injury and protect from spinal cord injuries. These two critical injuries can result in death.

The above are some of the useful information about the use of seat belts in cars.

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