Seat belt reminders

Father doing his son car seat belt

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Important facts

  • It is recommended to use the three-point seat belt since it reduces the chances of passing away in the crash by almost 50%.
  • If seatbelts are fitting well, it is a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in the UK. If you are driving with children who are less than 14 years of age, you need to fix the belt as per their height and age. 
  • As per the survey recorded in 2009, about 95% of front-seat passengers and drivers and 89% of back seat passengers in Scotland and England use child restraints or seat belts. 
  • Seat belts are not preferred by delivery drivers, young men and individuals driving short expanses on well-known roads. 

About seat belts

One of the most important and simplest features for safeguarding vehicle occupants are seat belts. It is necessary to use the seat belt as it is one of the basic steps passengers and drivers can do to reduce the chances of injury or death. When you are not wearing a seat belt, the warning or reminders serve as an excellent tool for reminding the passengers of the vehicle. It helps them to buckle the seat belt on a regular basis. 

Safety benefits

When you are a passenger or driver in the vehicle, the seat belt helps greatly to avoid serious death or injury. The three-point seat belt is the standard model seen in all modern vehicles. It reduces the probabilities of passing away in the crash by almost 50%.

It is necessary for back passengers to buckle their seat belt. It is important for the safety of other occupants and also for their own safety. Lap belts are not much safe like the three-point seatbelts. If needed, it can be avoided. It is safe to avoid carrying travelers in these seats. If belts fit you well, it is mandatory to wear seat belts in the UK. 

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