Seat Belt Use: Statistics and Facts

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CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had evaluated and announced that teens as both drivers and passengers rarely use a seat belt at their age. The statistics display the results are fatal when failing to use seat belts. Several states have implemented basic seat belt laws so as to possibly safeguard numerous teen lives. 

Why it is important to use seat belts?

One of the best ways to reduce injuries and save lives in car accidents is by using a seat belt. It prevents passengers and drivers from being expelled during the crash. It is important for parents to warn and insist on using seat belts during every trip. They should motivate the teens to buckle the seat belts before switching on the ignition. Ensure to share seat belt information with your teen so as to increase their awareness about seat belt usage. Moreover, they should know that it is the proven method to be secure on the road. 

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Seat belt statistics

  • If seat belts are used properly, it reduces the chances of serious injury especially to front-seat travelers by 45% and chances of medium to serious damage by 50%.
  • It has been estimated that in 2015, seat belts have saved about 13941 lives of passengers. 
  • More than 6.1% of teens were reported to never wear or rarely wear a seat belt in 2015. There have been 20% decline since 1991. 
  • Teens who acknowledge that their parents fix rules and observe their driving skills seem to wear a seat belt as a passenger or driver.

Seat belt facts 

  • By wearing seat belts you can save money. If you fail to wear a seat belt, you will be charged with a hefty sum as fines. 
  • Seat belts can be adjusted as per your convenience. By adjusting, you can obtain a secure and comfortable fit. 

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