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Safety devices are essential for your everyday life. Several accidents occur every day and appropriate use of security restraints have protected many people’s lives. Therefore, it is necessary to know the importance of using one. Also, the importance of using seat belts. 

Safety belt benefits

Passengers who have not buckled seat belt have chances to projectile during the accident. When they are not bucked, they will be easily ejected through the side, rear or front windows which can result in death. 

Passengers occupying the rear seat should use both safety belt and lap belt since in such situations they have 44% chances to safeguard themselves in the crash. It increases to 73% in SUV vehicles or vans. 

Seat belt facts

  • Men mostly neglect to wear buckle seatbelts than women.
  • Drivers of old car wear seatbelts often than the drivers of new cars.
  • When the driver has consumed alcohol, they have fewer chances to wear seatbelts. 
  • Pickup truck occupants wear seatbelts rarely than the passengers of other vehicles.
  • People mostly wear seatbelts while traveling at night hours than at day hours. 

Though seatbelts are used on a high basis, there are some people still do not understand the fact that seatbelt is important for all person and in all vehicle. 

Some of the common excuses given by drivers and passengers for not wearing a seatbelt are as follows:

Seat belt is not needed for the back seat. It is recommended to wear a rear seat belt for enhanced safety and better protection of yourself and other passengers. 

I am pregnant, so I do not need to wear a seatbelt: Some women have the feeling that seatbelt could hurt the fetus. If it is worn in the right manner, it will safeguard the unborn child and mother in the best manner. 

It is not comfortable to wear a seatbelt: Some people say that they do not feel comfortable with a seatbelt. But there are high chances to be thrown out without it. 

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