Shocking seatbelt facts you should know

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There are some encouraging and some scary facts which helps us to stay safe while we are traveling in a car. We have obtained this information from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Governors Highway Safety Association, The Michigan State Police, CDC or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Important and shocking facts about seat belt

Seatbelts can save lives 

It is estimated that seatbelts have saved around 13,000 lives each year. It is about 35 individuals every single day.

Seatbelts safeguard teen lives 

The main reason for the death of the United States teens is traffic accidents. As per the CDC, six teens in the age groups between 16 and 19 expire every day due to motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, 61% of teens do not wear seatbelts while traveling with another driver.  

Seatbelts keep the passenger within the vehicle 

If you are not wearing a seatbelt, there are chances of the passenger to eject out from the vehicle. By wearing a seat belt, the passenger remains safe within the vehicle even when there is a heavy crash or jerk.

Seatbelts are completely safe 

When you want to stay away or protect yourself from accidents, it is recommended to wear seatbelts while driving or traveling in a vehicle. The majority of the occupants ejected from the vehicle are killed. If they survive, they suffer life-changing or debilitating injuries. 

Majority of people are utilizing seatbelts

Only 11% of the vehicle passengers were using seatbelts in 1981. A survey was taken in 1971 and it was found that 90% of the vehicle passengers are commonly using seatbelts. 

Seatbelts will not harm you in cases of accident 

There are chances to get bruises or abrasions from seatbelt at times of crash. But these injuries are not severe when compared to injuries that happen without the seatbelt. When the injury is associated with the seatbelt, it is not harmful to life. 

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