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Who We Are

We at Buckle Up In The Back are devoted to making sure that everyone has buckled up their seat before they go on a trip, short or long! According to recent studies, injuries caused by car accidents have a higher chance of becoming fatal when the passengers are not wearing their seatbelts. Since most crashes are head-on, the lap and shoulder seat belt reduces the injury from being deadly by at least 45 percent.

The Physics Behind Seatbelts
When the seatbelt is worn by the passenger, they are attached to the vehicle, so in case the vehicle makes a sudden stop or crashes, as the vehicle stops, so does the passenger. If the restraint offered by the seatbelt were not present, it would lead to the passenger being thrown out of their seat and against the dashboard or worse even out of the vehicle. Even if the vehicle is at a low speed, if the passenger is not wearing a seatbelt they will suffer damage t their knees or wrists.

Tips To Wearing A Seatbelt Successfully
Our experts have come up with the following tips to ensure that you and your loved ones are wearing their seat belts properly:
· Move the seat as far back as possible from the steering wheel
· Make sure the belt is not twisted
· Clip on the seatbelt by passing it over your hips and not just your stomach
· Ensure that the shoulder band of the seat belt crosses your collarbone.
Another very critical thing to make sure is that the seatbelt has been clicked in correctly to prevent it from coming loose during the event of a crash.

Buckle Up In Back has been doing a lot of work in promoting seat belt awareness among parents with young kids to reduce the number of injuries if they ever get involved in a crash. According to the statistics, there is a higher chance of a fatal injury for a child not wearing a seatbelt compared to a child that was wearing it.

The market offers plenty of different car seat models that can be used in place of seat belts for young kids. You need to get the right car seats for your child according to their age and weight. As the kids grow older, you can replace these seats with a booster seat. All of these tasks might seem cumbersome, but remember that they protect your child from serious injuries during any kind of accident that might occur.

The number one mistake most parents make is not buckling in the car seat properly to the seat using the seat belts. Ensure that it is stable by giving it a slight tug. The car seats for young babies have to be placed facing the back window according to the latest laws. In case you want to keep an eye on the baby while they are seated like this, you can use an attachable rear view mirror that is easily available in most baby shops around the country. So buckle up and keep your young ones safe!