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Use Seat Belt For Stress Free Ride

Get rid of tension while riding your car by using a comfortable seat belt. There may be situations when the physical body is stressed out without you even realizing it. Take the necessary precautions by choosing the right seat belt and make sure to keep your mind calm and relaxed while behind the steering wheel.

For a comfortable and stress free ride it is important to observe your behavior and take necessary action. Some of the symptoms of a stressed out driver are listed below:

  • Griping to the steering wheel tighter than necessary. Relax your muscles and joints while driving for a comfortable ride.
  • What posture are you in? If you are slouching forward this means that you are putting too much pressure on your shoulders and back. It also results in short breathe that does not help you receive enough oxygen. Always sit tall by keeping your spine straight and the crown of your head should be parallel to the car roof. With the improved posture you will realize the chest and ribcage are widened and the respiration is long and deep.
  • Stretch your neck by dropping your shoulders down. Slide your neck so that one ear touches the shoulder and repeat the same with the other. This technique helps you to relax your neck muscles.
  • When there is a red signal and the traffic is still take a few deep breaths and twist your neck from one side to another. The twist should be gentle removing any strain in the neck and spine region.
  • Relax your leg and foot, you can even drop one foot outside to the floor and release the hip a little. This could give some relaxation to the leg and the hip region.
  • Relax your jaw by giving some space between the upper and the lower jaw, if you are clenching it too tight.
  • Traffic tensionWhenever you are tensed or impatient due to heavy traffic, bad weather or reasons beyond your control just remember that being upset is not going to resolve the issue. Instead keep cool and take a deep breath. Longer exhalations can keep you calm and relaxed. It can leave you refreshed and grounded. Only a deep breath can wash away all the tension in your body and mind leaving you relaxed and comfortable while driving.

Prevent such accidents by keeping your mind and body healthy and stress free. One of the best methods suggested by experts is to consult a therapist who can help suggest ways to relieve the mind from unwanted stress and tension. Recently, many reputed therapists have suggested techniques that involves the regular practise of the deep breathing exercises. A few of these exercises are part of ancient techniques like yoga. This is the main reason why, drivers with anxiety problems are advised to join yoga classes, that are run by experienced practitioners and equipped with the best props like the ones sold by reputed dealer sites like www.yoga-king.com, the Yoga Mat Store, and so on.

For those who are still hesitating to take action, we would like to remind that many of the accidents that were reported recently by news sites like www.foxnews.com were due to drivers who couldn’t cope with the stress of driving on busy roads. Please think that while driving whether alone or with family and friends, you are holding on to your life and theirs’ in your hands. Even a small mistake can lead to major accidents that could be fatal or leave you crippled for life.

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